About us

About Me

My adventure with virtual studios began in 2005.

Since then, the 3D graphics has been developing at great speed and each project I was involved  in enriched my experience.

Creating  3D world in conjunction with broadcasting technology gives me a lot of pleasure from the design phase, through   rehearsals in the studio until finally everything is ready and „ON  AIR”  sign turns on.

From what starts in the empty studio with a green screen to what you finally see on your screen as a TV show with all its colors, shapes, furniture, climate – that’s my job.

Rumek Designer

Meet our team

Our team members are professionalists from many fields of television production and more. The synergy of these collaborators allows us to create the greatest projects and be proud of out work.

Karolina Architect
Lukas Designer
Robert Technical Specialist
Pawełek Developer