Item name EURO 2016 – MUNDIAL STUDIO
Created 10 March 2016
Description :
For Euro 2016 (European Football Championship) our team together with the Polish Television prepared graphics displayed in a studio designed exclusively for sports broadcasts.
In this studio the application of augmented reality was possible thanks to the use of a sophisticated crane with multiple sensors manufactured by our company.
The modular construction of the crane allowed us to work in a relatively small studio.
Prominent guests (players, coaches) invited to the studio had the possibility to use and analyze statistics about teams and players and present and compare them in an interesting way.
In this case the idea of ​​augmented reality worked very well.
Nonetheless we had to keep in mind that during short live breaks (after the first half and after the end of the match) there is little time for comments and for displaying statistics that are interesting, although difficult to present in an understandable manner.
The Euro 2016 broadcasts from our virtual studio attracted millions of viewers:
Designing this kind of graphics is a difficult challenge. Some shots have to be planned together with producer and director. Only a part of the frame that TV viewers see is earmarked for additional graphics, so special attention must be paid to the size and legibility of the content.