Ja to znam! (I know this!)

First in Poland game show with viewers, produced in virtual scenography.
Item name Ja to znam! / I know this!
Created 09 January 2016
Description :
Colleagues from Lightcraft company did a great job designing the studio.
It relates to great TV shows from their glory days.
Lights, colours and a charismatic host make this show.
We have transformed this idea into virtual reality scenography and have worked out the procedures defining how this show is to be run.
Keep in mind that this is a game show and many things happen immediately.
We had to orchestrate and synchronize lights changes, animations on virtual LED walls, reactions to the correct or wrong player response, time-lapse or musical jingles between game rounds.
In the studio besides of tree regular players and the host there were also extra players using dedicated smartphone application. The avatars of these players played against regular players and also competed for prizes. Each player who answered correctly was awarded.