Item name NOWE ATENY
Created 10 March 2016
Description :
The program related to history often imposes a certain graphic / stylistic scheme.
We wanted to approach the New Athens project with a more modern attitude, „we wanted the stage design to add a lightness and scientific character to the program.
The program has a lot of guests, so the table is large and round, and the set design allows recording from many viewing angles.
For each program, the materials searched by the editors are prepared separately and become part of the set design.
This required the creation of a workflow of materials that the graphics must before the program slightly refine to make everything agree stylistically.
We have also prepared for the program social media displayed live during the program.
Tweets and entries on facebook are displayed on transparent panels in the foreground through which you can see the table and participants of the program.
It gives the impression of actual participation in the program of people using social media.