Created 10 April 2014
Description :
In 2011 a new movie set „Skoda – you know what’s good” was launched.
Selected, classic cinema blockbusters were aired in a weekly series.
A technology of that time allowed only for low-quality recording (PAL system).
Each movie was introduced by popular TV host Radoslaw Brzozka, who provided the audience with interesting facts and details about making of these movies.
This series had its follow-up in 2013, this time with new graphic design.
Some of the movies shown:
– Back to the future
– The Brothers Bloom
– Broken Flowers
– Heat
– Voditel dlya Very
Radoslaw Brzozka is doing really well in virtual space and we will cooperate in our future productions.
The minimalistic graphic design resulted in appealing, multilayer space and perspective.
In each episode we introduced a graphic detail (lift, helicopter) referring to the movie’s plot.